Stillpoint Engage connects Neuroscience, Resilience Theory and Depth-Psychology to strengthen and sustain Humanitarian Aid Workers, First Responders and underserved communities.
We are working with Orlando and Stillpoint Engage to build a series of videos for their Resilience Engage (RE) program. The aim is to provide a resource and support for people who are exposed to trauma, and physical, emotional or mental stress, all of which compounds and leads to burnout, breakdowns or simply just expend the empathy needed to sustain lives lived in service to humanity.

During these extreme times, our first responders and humanitarian aid workers are taking on the unpredictability of this new reality with more demand and fewer resources. 
The ever-rising expectations and wear and tear of repeated exposure to high stress and traumatic events are taking a toll on them.

Resilience is one's ability to bounce back in the face of adversity, trauma, tragedy, threats, or significant sources of stress. 
The ResiliencEngage™ PROGRAM (RE) offers integrated support to help train and enhance the ability of global humanitarian aid workers and local first responders to remain resilient.
Lead Agency : ORLANDO
Artwork / Illustration : Fable Studio
Motion Graphics / Animation : Fable Studio,  Waddle Animation Studio & Thomas Walsh
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