Illustration, layout and design of UNICEF Toolkits for Child Rights & Mining.

Over several months we worked UNICEF developing, illustrating and rolling out toolkits for workshops related to the extractive industry and the rights of children in those environments.
We worked with their image archives, but wanted ensure that the toolkits didn't feel exclusionary or generic by defaulting to photographs, so we treated the images we did use in a manner that added to the graphic design as well as highlighted mood or emotion over specific representation.
The documents called for a way of describing scenarios that acted as talking points to drive the delegates to relate their local or contextual stories. We illustrated these in a collage manner, allowing a series of smaller scenes to build and communicate more complicated community or social implications.
In addition to the layout, design and illustration, we developed a large library of icons which added to the universality and multi-country application of the documents.
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